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WSDA Inspected | FDA Registered
-NEW- precision mill provides a more consistent grind, with less powder!

Here at our family farm, we wanted feed for our own animals that had:

* NO Antibiotics * NO Growth Hormones * NO Corn or Soy Products

Non-GMO Grains!

Why Make Our Own?
* When we couldn't find a quality natural feed at a reasonable price, we developed our own! We now offer our superior feed at a price well below feed stores.
What IS in our Feed?
* Our rations contain a nutritionally balanced, carefully measured blend of:
  • Top quality natural whole grains
  • Quality Legumes
  • Camelina and Canola Meal
  • Mineral supplements
* These ingredients work together to provide complete nutrition and are milled into a digestible mix of crumbles.

* Our commercial mixer ensures even distribution of recipe ingredients to avoid "pockets" of a single item which might be less than optimal for animal health.

* All of our ingredients are stored in a weather protected environment.

Choose your container:
  • In our bags
  • In your reusable container
  • In a super sack; bring your own or $20 for a new sack
* We use a professionally calibrated industrial digital scale for weight accuracy.
Omega-3 Enriched Chicken Layer Feed

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WSDA Inspected | FDA Registered